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About Us

About Us

How did this all get started and who are you?


Well, those are great questions! It’s interesting how when  some seeds are planted they  somehow start to blossom before you know it. This is what happened with the CONFLICT COACHING SUMMIT!


In 2020 -  in the midst of the pandemic - at one of the CINERGY Conflict Management Coaching meet-ups for trainers and coach-mentors, I wondered out loud who may be interested in meeting with me about ways to expand on  professional opportunities for people who provide conflict management coaching or, might  otherwise be  interested in doing so.   And so, the idea grew  about  finding a way to bring together like-minded people from a variety of related disciplines to discuss and grow the concepts, learning, tools and techniques of this coaching specialty. With that in mind we began discussions and research on who will be agreeable to share their experience and expertise on concepts of interest to conflict management coaches and others who work with people in conflict.


After many meetings and research and reviews of audios, videos, written materials and so on we selected 6 terrific speakers for our Inaugural Summit starting in September 2021!  I am grateful to the hard-working team comprised of Lynora Brooke, Noelene Salmon, Carol Bowen, Sue Brereton, Catherine Powell and Maureen Cleary who spent many months working tirelessly to explore ideas and grow the little seeds I mentioned earlier. Over the course of the Conflict Coaching (CC) Summit you will undoubtedly meet the team members as they will help facilitate the presentations.  With the additional assistance of Nita Major who helped with the development of the website and ideas for reaching you - here we are!!


Oh, and I want to add that, as a group, we decided to donate the proceeds of the first summit to Mediators Beyond Borders International and Peacebuilders International  


Thank you for your interest in what we are wanting to do and I hope you will join us.


Cinnie Noble

Founder, CINERGY™ Coaching

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